North Carolina

Two DxE activists in North Carolina were charged with multiple felonies for investigating a Smithfield pig farm and rescuing two sick piglets. They exposed rampant drug use, antibiotic-resistant diseases, and the company’s continued use of cruel gestation crates. Their investigation findings generated national media coverage in The New York Times and Vox. Arwen and Sierra appeared in court in November 2019, and Sierra got out of the case. She was offered a deal without charges if she named everyone involved in the investigation and rescue at Smithfield, but she refused. She ended up with misdemeanor charges and community service. Arwen was continuing to trial, but in 2021, she was offered a greatly reduced plea deal with only 2 misdemeanor charges and community service. Arwen took the plea deal and pled guilty to misdemeanor breaking and entering and misdemeanor trespass on March 24, 2021.

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