An activist rescued chickens from abuse at a Perdue slaughterhouse

Now, she's facing years in prison.

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Rescue at Perdue's Petaluma Poultry Slaughterhouse

DxE investigator Zoe Rosenberg is facing up to 8 years in prison for rescuing four sick chickens from a Perdue slaughterhouse in Sonoma County, California. She made sure the chickens, Poppy, Aster, Ivy, and Azalea, got the veterinary care they needed. Now, Zoe is being forced to wear a GPS ankle monitor and follow other strict requirements while awaiting trial -- all for nonviolent acts of compassion.

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About the Right to Rescue

14 US states have laws that allow the rescue of dogs from hot cars, and Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is leading a campaign to extend these laws to apply to animals of any species in need of rescue, including in factory farms and animal experimentation facilities. The Right to Rescue campaign seeks to build support for animal rescue and ultimately, to establish a legal right to rescue animals from distress and exploitation. This would open the door to a new view of animals under the law - as people deserving of rights, rather than "property.”

Recent Updates

Sonoma County, CaliforniaMay 13, 2024
Today, Sonoma County Judge Lynette Brown dismissed multiple felony charges against UC Berkeley student and DxE animal cruelty investigator Zoe Rosenberg, after reviewing evidence presented at the preliminary hearing. Zoe now faces one felony conspiracy charge and three misdemeanors: trespass, tampering with a vehicle, and theft. Zoe and her co-defendant will appear in court on May 23 to be arraigned on the reduced charges they now face. You can read more in the press here.

Sonoma County, CaliforniaMay 3, 2024
DxE investigator and animal rescuer Zoe Rosenberg had her preliminary hearing today. The defense attorneys successfully argued that there was no evidence presented of a conspiracy to commit vandalism or any involvement in any vandalism, and the prosecutors had to agree. They dropped the felony conspiracy to commit vandalism charge, reducing the total number of felonies from four down to three. The judge said she will take some time to consider all the evidence presented and scheduled a hearing for May 13, where she will give her ruling as to whether there is probable cause to pursue the remaining charges. You can read more in the press here.

Dane County, WisconsinMar. 8, 2024
BREAKING: Ten days before trial, all charges have been DROPPED against Eva Hamer, Paul Darwin Picklesimer, and Wayne Hsiung who saved three beagles from Ridglan Farms, a factory farm that breeds dogs for experimentation. This case has been pending for years and we believe this dismissal is the result of pressure and press coverage that made it clear there is public support for animal rescue. Unfortunately, the Dane County District Attorney’s office is still failing to prosecute Ridglan Farms for criminal animal cruelty. It is more important now than ever that we keep the pressure on to get justice for these animals. Please help us share the news on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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