Foster Farms

Livingston, California

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The #FosterFarmsTrial ended with a "not guilty" verdict on March 17! This is a historic victory for the Right to Rescue. Please share this news on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio were facing theft charges for rescuing two sick birds, Jax and Ethan, from a stopped slaughter truck that was heading into the Foster Farms slaughterhouse in Livingston, CA. The same day, DxE released hidden camera footage filmed inside the slaughterhouse showing chickens routinely missing the stun bath and a device designed to cut their necks, leaving it to workers to identify conscious birds before their evisceration, at a speed of 140 birds per minute. Alexandra and Alicia received theft charges in the mail in spring 2022 and pleaded not guilty. The #FosterFarmsTrial began on March 7, 2023, a full jury was selected on March 10, and the trial concluded March 17 after six hours of jury deliberation.

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