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Call and email Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne asking him to prosecute Ridglan Farms for animal cruelty, instead of prosecuting the people who rescued three beagles from experimentation.

Call: 608-266-4211


Ridglan Farms is a dog breeding and research facility in Wisconsin that raises beagles for cruel experiments. A few years ago, DxE investigators entered the facility and documented the filthy conditions and the psychological trauma of the dogs spinning endlessly inside small cages. The team rescued three beagles. Although the investigation and rescue happened years ago, the charging documents were filed in August 2021. Eva, Paul, and Wayne are facing felony burglary and felony theft charges. Trial is currently scheduled for November 6-10, 2023. This Right to Rescue case is an important opportunity to show the world the horrors inflicted on humankind’s supposed best friend and to move toward ending experimentation on dogs and other animals.

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