Sunrise Farms, Petaluma Poultry, Reichardt Duck Farm

Sonoma County, California

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Call and email Sonoma County District Attorney Carla Rodriguez politely asking her to stop prosecuting activists who exposed animal cruelty and rescued suffering animals.

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Over 100 people have been arrested on felony charges for taking nonviolent direct action to help suffering animals at factory farms in Sonoma County, after the government ignored repeated reports of criminal animal cruelty. In October 2018, a small group of activists were charged with seven felonies each for two actions at factory farms which occurred in May 2018 (at Sunrise Farms) and September 2018 (at McCoy's Poultry, a supplier to Petaluma Poultry). The DA filed additional charges following a third action in June 2019 (at Reichardt Duck Farm). Since then, the prosecution has dismissed all of the charges related to the action at McCoy's and amended the charges to remove all mention of burglary and theft, leaving only conspiracy to commit trespass and trespass. Trial is underway for the only remaining defendant, Wayne Hsiung, and it is expected to last until mid-late October. Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is hosting a convergence during the trial to support the right to rescue. Register for the trial support convergence here. 

Meet the Defendants

The following people have also been arrested in Sonoma County for taking nonviolent direct action to expose animal cruelty:

Aidan Cook, Alex Santurio, Alexandra Paul, Alicia Santurio, Almira Tanner, Alyssa Landi, Amy Brown, Ana Mehl, Ariel Ryan, Balaji V., Brianna Baer, Camilla Hahn, Cassie King, Cheyanne Holliday, Chris Tarzan Hayward, Christina Brown, Christopher Bleichner, Conrad de Jesus, Corey Rowland, Daniela Habermehl, Dawn Michelle, Dean Wyrzykowski, Efrem Blitz, Emek Echo, Jake H., Jeyrama Robles, Jocelyn Cole, Jon Frohnmayer, Jorden Ruggles, Katt Cho, Kelly Landreth, Kevin Baker, Kristina Norris, Lance Wilson, Lauren Fluty, Lawrence Cuneaz, Leni Wasacz, Leslie Goldberg, Lewis Bernier, Linda Cridge, Lucy H., Madhu Anderson, Mandy Washburn, Marika Diaz, Marissa Garam, Mary McKee, Michael Goldberg, Michelle L., Monica Martella, Nena Salas, Nico Stubler, Nikki Symanovich, Noah Bristol, Ora Goldman, Paul Nguyen, Peter Lecki, Rachel Arima, Rev. Robert Yamada, Ronnie R., Sanjeev Deshpande, Sarah Hewson, Samantha Walsch, Sharon Claitor, Tonia Moore, Vanessa Marsot, Vero Z., Vicky Stewart, Virginia Fior

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